Most people, especially creative people, express themselves in multiple ways; we don't really fit into one box.  I paint what I love, what I find beautiful or what I need in my life: beauty, fun, laughter and love. 

I'm inspired by the process in my art, the translation of a feeling or an idea as it evolves through my pieces. Frequently, the process is ultimately more important than the end result. This process leads my art to continually grow and change, as I continue to grow and change. 

I want my art to do more than simply add beauty to a space. I want you to smile, pause, reflect and be happy.

So while I paint what I love and what I find beautiful, I'm striving for more. I hope that by looking at my paintings you will see the beauty and fun in life captured in an instant.

Thanks for stopping by my site. Send me an email to say Hi or if you'd like to have one of my pieces for your collection.